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Welcome to one of InterAntiques-websites!
We administrate this site called Begbok/Skivor/Musik.
(Secondhand books/records/Music (notes))
Actually, I suggest that you add this website to your bookmarks. Who knows. It could come in handy sometimes. 

So You haven´t bothered to learn swedish yet? I can´t see why. But, if you really need, to have some parts of the text, translated to english, all you need to do is ask. 

We will struggle hard to translate the text, or give you the instructions that you need, hopefully presented in a reasonably acceptable English, as good as a Swedish Viking can accomplish. 

If you are looking for something, but you didn´t find it here, just ask anyway. Maybe we can help. 

We welcome all e-mail´s concerning trade and business!
Abuse will be fought back in traditional viking-style!
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